Strategic Priorities

Strategic priorities identify what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve the vision and fulfil the mission.

CSVR’s strategic priorities for 2015-2017 are as follows:

  1. To study, analyse and generate knowledge on violence and conflict;
  2. To inform public discourse, policy and practice related to violence and conflict
  3. To engage directly with those affected by violence and conflict

Core Values

The core values that inform and underpin the work of the CSVR, its internal operation and engagement with partners and clients are:

  • Knowledge and Learning
  • Equity and Equality
  • Ubuntu (Respect for Human Dignity)
  • Accountability

Cross-cutting Areas and Priorities


Gender is a key focus that speaks to CSVR’s vision and mission. Gender justice and a gendered understanding is a goal motivating all our work. While we have some projects with a specific gender justice focus, all our work is informed by our approach which mainstreams gender in our organisational and project planning and implementation processes.

A Learning Organisation (Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation and Knowledge Management)

CSVR is a learning organisation. This means that our interventions are based on explicit knowledge of what is needed and what works, and our interventions serve as a source of regular insight into how effective our strategies are. Through all our interventions, we seek to gain new insight and reflect on and adjust the strategies we use. We share this knowledge with partners and stakeholders. For this to be a true reflection of how we work, we need to constantly learn about our environment, our intervention strategies, and our impact through effective systems and practices of Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation and Knowledge Management.

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