Advocating Justice: Civil Society and Transitional Justice in Africa

Advocating Justice: Civil Society and Transitional Justice in Africa

The "Advocating Justice" workshop brought together Africa-based practitioners and scholars to share experiences and evaluate African civil society's advocacy for transitional justice on the continent. Drawing on workshop papers and discussions on strategies used in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, this report examines and highlights local organisations' central role in shaping transitional justice agendas in Africa.


Advocating Justice - Civil Society and TJ in Africa_Brankovic
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Jasmina Brankovic is a transitional justice researcher and practitioner. She is a Senior Researcher with the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation and the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Transitional Justice. With a focus on participatory methods, she conducts research on inequality and socioeconomic transformation, climate justice, gender in conflict, and civil society strategies for social change in transitional contexts.

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