Angola battles legacy of conflict (17.04.2009)

Angola battles legacy of conflict (17.04.2009)

Luanda – Angola's determination to move on from three decades of bloodshed has created a society that has not come to terms with the past and has high levels of domestic violence, a new study said.

"Twenty-seven years of war have normalised violence in Angolan society. All interviewees agreed that there are high levels of household violence, especially against women and children," the report said.

The draft report by South Africa's Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) and Canadian NGO Development Workshop was released here on Wednesday.

Angolans underwent more than 30 years of strife – a bloody struggle for independence from Portugal and a 27 year civil war – which ended in 2002 and has been followed by an oil and diamond driven economic boom.

"Ordinary Angolans were told to forget the past and look forward to the future," the report said, adding that such an approach was likely to store up problems for the future.

"There is still an underlying fear of re-opening deep wounds… Meanwhile there is no acknowledgement of loss," it added.

The study is being studied by Angolan groups which will add their responses.



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