Are South Africans Responsible Firearm Owners? Evidence from 1,000 dockets

Are South Africans Responsible Firearm Owners? Evidence from 1,000 dockets

The research undertaken for this report asks the straightforward question: under what circumstances do licensed firearm owners lose their weapons to criminals? The report answers this question through an intensive analysis of over 1,100 dockets opened at police stations following the loss of a licensed firearm by its owner. The second component of the research involved semi-structured interviews with relevant police, as well as with firearm dealers.


Anthony Altbeker
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Antony Altbeker has worked on some of the key policy issues facing SA -- crime and policing; unemployment and inclusion -- as freelancer, civil servant and researcher at a variety of think-tanks. He has an Honours degree in Politics and two Masters degrees, one in Economics and one in Creative Writing. All are from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Jolene Adams
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Jolene Adams is a researcher at The Institute for Democracy in South Africa

Gail Wallenberg
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Themba Sokhulu
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Themba Sokhulu is an independent elections consultant based in Durban.

Kadija Richards
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Kadija Richards holds a Master’s degree in Social Policy. She has worked in the non-profit sector and government in different roles, mainly focused on socioeconomic rights and entitlements as well as public participation.

Cathy Churchill
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Cathy Churchill is an academic engaged in policy research

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