AU-EU Collaborative Project

AU-EU Collaborative Project – Initiative for Transitional Justice in Africa

The Initiative for Transitional Justice in Africa is a three-year collaborative endeavour between the European Union and the African Union, launched on the 25th October, 2023. The project will be implemented by a consortium of three organizations – the International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), alongside the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR), and the Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF). The project aims to support African Union (AU) member states and civil society organizations in adopting and implementing the African Union Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP) and its associated Roadmap. The initiative aims to address violent conflict across the African continent through effective, innovative, and context-specific responses to massive human rights violations and root causes of violence and conflict. Recognizing the critical role of transitional justice in attaining sustainable peace and development, the project focuses on facilitating the domestication of the AUTJP through technical assistance, knowledge production and management, and support for civil society and victims' groups.

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Project information

The project has three strategic objectives. The implementation of activities under each strategic objective is led by a consortium member with support from the other consortium members.

Objective 1 – led by ICTJ

improve the capacity of relevant AU member states, AU organs, and RECs to implement the AUTJP and design and operate tailored, gender-sensitive transitional justice processes

Key Activities:

  • Provide technical expertise on transitional justice to AU member states and organs by deploying experts and organizing trainings.
  • Support the convening of the annual Continental African Transitional Justice Forum.
Support the convening of the annual AU-EU Experts Seminar on Transitional Justice.
  • Help establish and coordinate the African Women's Platform on Transitional Justice.

Objective 2 – led by CSVR

To build rigorous knowledge on transitional justice experiences in Africa that informs the design of strategies for peace and reconciliation consistent with the AUTJP.

Key Activities:

  • Support African scholars and practitioners in their research on transitional justice experiences in Africa.
  • Establish a research network to develop knowledge on transitional justice relevant to Africa.
  • Support the coordination of a transitional justice experts reference group that advises the AU.
  • Develop and disseminate an annual report on the state of transitional justice in Africa.
  • Conduct studies on women and reparations and on technology in transitional justice.

Objective 3 – led by ATJLF

To raise awareness about the AUTJP and enhance the engagement of civil society actors-including victims'. women's, youth groups-with it and transitional justice mechanisms in Africa.

Key Activities:

  • Raise awareness about the AUTJP and encourage the public's participation in its implementation.
  • Strengthen the capacity of civil society groups to meaningfully participate in the design, implementation, and monitoring of transitional justice mechanisms.

CSVR's role in the Project

CSVR leads the implementation of Strategic Objective 2 of the project, which focuses on knowledge production and management. This involves implementation of the following:

1. Developing and Disseminating Annual Reports: CSVR will document and publish an annual report on the state of transitional justice in Africa.

2. Conducting Thematic Research Studies: CSVR undertakes significant research studies on two topics critical to the advancement of transitional justice in Africa, namely a study on the impact transitional justice and reparations in addressing gender-based violence and rebuilding women's lives in post-conflict settings; and a study on the use of technology in advancing and enhancing transitional justice processes.

3. Establishing a Transitional Justice Research Network: CSVR will lead the creation of a network of academics and practitioners to develop African transitional justice knowledge, bringing together diverse stakeholders to share insights and practices, producing knowledge that supports effective transitional justice strategies continent-wide

4. Convening an Annual Transitional justice Forum: CSVR will lead the convening of the annual African Transitional Justice Forum, bringing together representatives from African Union member states, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), CSOs, victims' groups, academia, and regional mechanisms, to discuss, reflect on, and assess the state of transitional justice in Africa.

5. Supporting the establishment of a TJ experts reference group: CSVR will support the coordination of an African TJ Expert Reference Group to be composed of distinguished experts from across the African continent. The Expert Reference Group will serve as a quality control and advisory body, offering strategic insights and recommendations on the implementation of the African Union Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP) and its roadmap.

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