Charlotte Motsoari

Suicide Crisis Soars in South Africa

South Africa is facing a suicide crisis that aptly rose last month — September is dedicated to suicide awareness. The South African Depression and Anxiety Group reports that there are 23 known cases of suicide in ...

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Effects of Covid-19 on People's Psychological Well-Being

CSVR's Charlotte Motsoari spoke on Saturday Star's Facebook live on the effects of Covid-19 on people's psychological well-being.See the full presentation here.

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Double Burden: Covid-19 Has Made the Load Women Carry Even Heavier than Before

Even before the pandemic, women carried an unequal burden of social, cultural and economic ills. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this, with the effects of lockdown disproportionately affecting women, write Charlotte Motsoari and Amina Mwaikambo ...

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South African Day of Reconciliation

CSVR's Charlotte Motsoari appeared on NewzroomAfrika to discuss how far South Africa has come in terms of reconciliation, especially in light of the high levels of gender-based violence in the country.

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