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Integrating Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in Transitional Justice A Pathway for Breaking the Cycle of Violence and Creating Sustainable Peace

The aftermath left by civil unrest and human rights violations within a conflict-stricken country is indescribable. The ramifications of armed conflict include large-scale destruction of critical infrastructure, widespread environmental damage from chemical weapons and entire ...

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Young, Female and African… and Precarious – Why the workplace needs to protect young women from all forms of gender-based violence

The phrase “sleeping one’s way to the top” is often used to explain how some women gain to access to or upward mobility in employment opportunities. While this phrase has been popularised globally and is ...

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The Youth Month: Reflections on How Far We Have Come in Transforming Access to Higher Education in South Africa

The month of June is dubbed the youth month as we commemorate Youth Day on June 16.  This commemoration is an opportunity to reflect on the historical significance of the occasion, the contribution of youth ...

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Reclaiming African Traditions in Transitional Justice: With Some Reflections on Sudan

Following the much heralded third wave of democratisation which swept across Africa in the 1990’s, there was optimism that the continent was making a conscious and considerable shift towards democratic consolidation founded on the rule ...

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Eskom Saga and Advocate Karen Pillay not to be associated with CSVR's Karen Pillay

Unfortunately, the latest news regarding Eskom Executive Karen Pillay being accused of corruption and sabotage of sub-stations is creating confusion in linking the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation’s Karen Pillay with Eskom. The ...

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Judicial Independence and Transitional Justice in Cameroon: A Pathway to Sustainable Peace in the ongoing Anglophone Crisis

Since 2017 Cameroon has been faced with a separatist insurrection widely referred to as—the Anglophone crisis. It has had devastating effects on the country, and over its bloody course, has been considered the most neglected conflict ...

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