Building Safety. Facilitators Guide for Educators to Stimulate an Understanding of Violence

Building Safety. Facilitators Guide for Educators to Stimulate an Understanding of Violence

The following course has been designed to help young people to deal with conflict and violence in their relationships, homes, schools and communities The course will emphasise good communication skills as key to dealing with violence. The ability to hear what people are trying to say when they use force instead of language, and the confidence to speak openly without fear or anger, are crucial to building a society free from violence and physical and verbal abuse.


Yvette Geyer
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Yvette Geyer is a consultant in the field of governance and democracy.  She has over 20 years' experience covering a range of specialties such as elections, local government, safety and security, youth development, gender, anti-racism, transitional politics, HIV/Aids, water, civil society and policy development.  She has a BA in Political Sciences and an MA in Public Development Management.

Bea Roberts
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Bea Roberts is a multi-award winning playwright, screenwriter and dramaturg from the west country. She obtained her Masters Degree Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media from the Central School of Speech and Drama and Bachelors Degree Drama; Film, Theatre and Television from The University of Bristol.

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