Racism, Brutality and Corruption are the Key Human Rights Challenges Facing the Transformation of the SAPS

An appreciation of human rights has failed to take proper root throughout the SAPS despite the transformation that has so far taken place. Key indicators that reflect this unfortunate reality can be found in the ...

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CSVR Expresses Its Solidarity with the People of Nigeria and Condemns Human Rights Violations

Putting an End to Police Criminality

The recent dog unit incident highlighted a number of problems confronting police transformation. While much of the attention was on the serious issue of racism in the police, some of the other broad challenges confronting ...

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Stop Hijacking a Hard-won Day

On November 25 1993, International Day of No Violence Against Women, a tiny crowd of 10 took to the streets. By November 25 1999, public opinion had changed so much that hundreds of people turned ...

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Violence Lurks in State Services

Queues for state services are the embodiment of indifference to those who wait, with disrespect and apathy often the only rewards. Consider this incident during our monitoring of the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act. Ms ...

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You Won't Get Far in a Broken Car! Focus on Internal Control and Discipline in the Police

Barely a week goes by without the appearance of a number of media stories reporting on actual or alleged incidents of police criminality or misconduct. Whether its official reports detailing police involvement in taxi criminality ...

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Med Schools Still Seeking a Cure

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission's (TRC) recommendation that medical schools should increase the intake of black students at undergraduate and postgraduate level has failed to solve racial imbalances in the provision of doctors in the ...

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Don't Ignore Men's Violence to Each Other

An interesting feature of post-1994 politics is the emergence of men who fight violence against women. From "everyday hero" campaigns to conferences, pledges and marches, something new is going down. Could this be the solution ...

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