Including youth in the design and implementation of transitional justice is now being recognized as a key priority that has been long neglected. Such inclusion and participation would strengthen the value of transitional justice initiatives for society and make them more responsive to youth priorities and perspectives. This policy brief draws on the voices of youth in four African countries to guide the debate about how youth can be involved in transitional justice policy development and provide recommendations on taking this forward.  

16 Mar 2022

CSVR has worked with families since the early 1990s, providing direct MHPSS interventions and developing professional insights into the lived experiences of vulnerable groups affected by violence and the intersection of vulnerabilities such as nationality, poverty, health status, inequality, marginalized gender or sexual identities, educational outcomes and so forth. These guidelines document the ways in which clinicians have worked with migrant families affected by complex and continuous traumas. It provides an overview of the history of CSVR's work with families, its overall process of working with families, as well as the broader themes that have emerged in working with different…

21 Feb 2022

Between October 2020 and March 2021, CSVR hosted an online symposium entitled 'Blended Voices: Building an Understanding of Torture, War Trauma and Violence Through an African Lens'. The Blended Voices symposium emerged from the extensive work being done on torture, war trauma and violence throughout the continent, and the desire to provide a platform for African voices to share their experiences and learnings related to trauma, healing and resilience. The symposium sought to capture the diversity of the continent, and panellists themselves were of diverse African nationalities, races, genders and ages, but had all worked on the continent and were…

31 Dec 2021

The Youth Inclusion for Violence Prevention Project, a collaboration between CSVR and the Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies (CHRIPS), investigates the role of public-sector employment and livelihood support programmes in promoting socio-economic inclusion of youth and preventing violence. This research report, authored by CHRIPS, shares multiple stakeholders' perceptions of the extent to which the Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP) contributed to youth social and economic inclusion as well as violence prevention. It also provides several recommendations related to these objectives.      

Brian Kimari and Kamau Wairuri
09 Nov 2021

The instability in Mozambique's Cabo Delgado wrought by the ongoing war has been a subject of much humanitarian concern. Dominant discourses have framed the violence in terms of a 'terrorist insurgency', foregoing the inquiries into the root causes that have given rise to it. In particular, reports of violations by government security  agencies, proxies and links o Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) have remained under-studied. The purpose of this report is therefore to shed light on aspects on the political economy of this conflict as well as socio-economic threats vis-à-vis the displacement of women and children in the region.       

26 Oct 2021
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