COVID-19, Transitional Justice and Victims' Experiences in Africa

COVID-19, Transitional Justice and Victims' Experiences in Africa

This policy paper explores the situation of victims vis-à-vis transitional justice processes in selected African countries when COVID-19 appeared. It looks at the performance of these transitional justice processes and attempts to ascertain the prospects for the African Union Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP) to improve remedies for victims. It also suggests ways to orient the AUTJP's scope to alleviate victims' plight, including through synchronisation with other regional processes, during and beyond COVID-19.


Policy paper - COVID-19, Transitional Justice and Victims Experiences in Africa - Kambala - 2021
Olivier Kambala wa Kambala
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Olivier Kambala wa Kambala is a Peace and Development Advisor at the United Nations.

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