Customary Law and Domestic Violence in Rural South African Communities

Customary Law and Domestic Violence in Rural South African Communities

The following report is a study with the purpose of surveying the rules of customary law in order to identify those which may protect women from domestic violence and those which could increase women's vulnerability or limit their ability to resist. The ultimate purpose is for the conclusions generated by this study to be used to formulate questions which will be put to rural women living under customary law in interviews conducted by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation.


Ericka Curran
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Ericka Curran, former CSVR Legal researcher, is the Director for the Leadership Honors Program University of Dayton School of Law at University of Dayton. She holds a Bachelor's degree Visual and Performing Arts from The Evergreen State College and Doctor of Law (JD) Seattle University.

Elsje Bonthuys
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Elsje Bonthuys is a Professor at The University of the Witwatersrand, lecturing in the school of law department.

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