Documentary: Trauma and Torture Rehabilitation

Documentary: Trauma and Torture Rehabilitation

This documentary examines trauma and torture rehabilitation in Africa. It emerges from the CSVR Symposium Webinar Series – Blended Voices: Building an Understanding of Torture, War Trauma and Violence through an African Lens. Held from October 2020 to March 2021, this webinar series aimed to gather voices of practitioners across Africa to reflect on their experiences of working with violence and conflict. The webinar series highlighted the complexity of trauma work being done in Africa, as it unpacked layers of trauma reflected in the history of Africa as well as the present. It further explored rehabilitation and intervention strategies that have been utilised to address the impact of this trauma at the individual, family and community levels. The webinar series emphasises a need for more African-based approaches and to draw from indigenous African knowledge to heal the continent.

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CSVR is a multi-disciplinary institute that seeks to understand and prevent violence, heal its effects and build sustainable peace at the community, national and regional levels.

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