Drive-by Shootings in 1993

Drive-by Shootings in 1993

This paper describes drive-by shootings as a form of terrorism and examines how drive-by shootings, attacks on train commuters, customers at shebeens or participants in a night vigil appear to be terrorist tactics that have developed in the context of "self-help war."  It emphasises that they are highly effective, military types of attacks that require perpetrators to have reasonable information at their disposal, as well as competence in planning and the use of firearms.


Janine Rauch
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Janine Rauch, an independent consultant, is the former Director of a technical advisory facility designed to Strengthen the Uganda Government's Anti-Corruption Response (SUGAR). She obtained her MPhil Criminology from Cambridge University and Post Graduate Diploma Monitoring & Evaluation Methods Monitoring & Evaluation Methods from Stellenbosch University.

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