Evaluation of the 2005 Ex-Combatants' Dialogues

Evaluation of the 2005 Ex-Combatants' Dialogues

This report assesses whether the dialogues undertaken in the second year of the CSVR's Ex-Combatants Reintegration and Restorative Justice Project pilot ultimately assisted with the Project's key goals of community reconciliation and ex-combatant reintegration. It concludes that the dialogues were indeed beneficial as they taught individuals and communities new mediation and negotiation skills. In addition, with regard to promoting ex-combatant reintegration and victim empowerment, the Project also proved successful in terms of the valuable skills development of the apprentice facilitators.


Bryant Greenbaum
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Bryant Greenbaum is a Toronto lawyer and adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School Professional Development where he teaches the Law of Police Oversight and International Human Rights Law in Canada.

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