Fourth African Transitional Justice Forum: Panel on Victims' Experiences

Fourth African Transitional Justice Forum: Panel on Victims' Experiences

On 26–28 October 2020, the African Union Commission Department of Political Affairs and CSVR hosted the fourth African Transitional Justice Forum. An inaugural online version of the Forum, the three-day conference addressed the state of transitional justice on the continent, specifically its contribution to the AU's 2020 theme of the year, "Silencing the Guns," amid the challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Forum panels focused on development, violent extremism, victims' experiences and fundraising in relation to African-led transitional justice.

Panel 3: Prioritising victims' experiences of COVID-19 and their systemic vulnerabilities through TJ: Challenges and opportunities for ongoing transitions and transitional justice processes in Africa

Moderator: Ms. Yasmin Sooka, Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan
• Ms. Nomfundo Mogapi, CSVR
• Dr. Baba Jallow, TRRC
• Mr. Olivier Kambala

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CSVR is a multi-disciplinary institute that seeks to understand and prevent violence, heal its effects and build sustainable peace at the community, national and regional levels.

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