Ghana's National Reconciliation Commission: A Comparative Assessment

Ghana's National Reconciliation Commission: A Comparative Assessment

This report aims to evaluate Ghana's National Reconciliation Commission against its own objectives and in the context of the comparative experiences of truth commissions in other countries. The research is based on primary and secondary source material on the Ghanaian process as well as 14 interviews conducted with local civil society representatives in Ghana in September 2005. This was supplemented with follow up correspondence as well as discussions with those involved with truth commissions in other countries.


Nahla Valji
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Nahla Valji is a former CSVR Senior Project Manager for the African Transitional justice program. She currently holds the position of Senior Gender Advisor to the Executive Office of Secretary general for the UN. She holds a MA/ Joint Diploma International Relations / Diploma Forced Migration Studies from the York University, BA Political Science from Keele University and BA Political Science/ International Relations
The University of British Columbia.

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