International and Regional Co-operation in Crime Prevention

International and Regional Co-operation in Crime Prevention

Previously, various structures and processes existed to co-ordinate security initiatives at both the international and regional level. This review takes a look at the structures in place and considers some of the challenges facing them with regard to security and crime prevention. A distinct level of international co-operation is constituted by the interaction of the foreign donor community and local security structures of various sorts. Issues relating to the effective utilisation of foreign aid to build capacity in the terrain of safety and security – both nationally and regionally – are also considered.


International and Regional Co
Elrena Van Der Spuy
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Elrena van der Spuy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Law, member of the Centre of Criminology, and Deputy Dean of Post-Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Town. She obtained her PhD from the University of Cape Town, a Masters degree in Sociology from University of Stellenbosch and has taught Sociology and Criminology at a number of Institutions.

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