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Terms of Reference – Video Production – Youth Inclusion for Violence Prevention Project

What is CSVR looking for?
We are looking for a production company that can create a 20-25 minute long video that showcases key learnings from CSVR’s Youth Inclusion for Violence Prevention project.
Service providers/ production houses should share a proposal with CSVR by the 22nd June 2022. This proposal should outline how the provider will cover the various aspects highlighted in this terms of reference document and provide CSVR with a sense of how the video would look and feel.

What is the aim and/or are the expected outcomes for this video?
The video is intended to be a two-part short documentation of the project. One aspect (10-15minutes) is intended to portray the work of the Community Work Programme in two communities, and to highlight the contribution of this programme in addressing violence in these communities.

While the video will seek to highlight the positive achievements, it will also look at some of the challenges. The key participants will include CWP implementing staff, beneficiaries and CWP representatives from Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs. The list of interviewees along with the research site will be finalised at the inception report.

Through the second part of the documentation (10minutes), it is hoped that key audiences (African youth, national to international donors, policy and programme developers, academics) will be able to rapidly access information about this project, what some of the key outcomes or learnings have included, as well as what the ways forward may be in these areas (youth inclusion, youth development, violence prevention). These key outcomes and learnings will be drawn from project reports and recommendations.

Key messages that we would like to share via this video production
Several key messages have been distilled through the multiple research products that CSVR and CHRIPS developed through this project. These messages include:
- See YIP advocacy plan (goals, narratives)
o What we have learned about youth inclusion in largescale public employment programmes or largescale youth-focused programmes.

The challenges and potential

-What we have learned about youth inclusion in policy development through to revision

-Learnings related to youth advocacy at local to regional levels

-Youth inclusion and violence prevention (though need to avoid the pathologizing narrative of youth and ‘panic’…)

-The need for more meaningful youth inclusion

The benefits of greater youth inclusion
-E.g. We need to include youth to prevent violence

-BUT we need to include youth because… rights-based perspective, (link Missing Peace) because most youth are making positive contributions at various levels
- Smaller percentage who are involved in or perpetuate violence are those who have experienced multiple risk factors, perhaps fewer protective factors.

- A twenty to twenty-five-minute-long video
- See info sources, look and feel for more info
Look and feel
- The video should highlight key products and messages, as well as motivate/ inspire viewers to take actions related to these key messages
o-Actions could include active citizenship or involvement related to youth advocacy, public participation, governance
o Simple actions could be to follow CSVR & CHRIPS
- CSVR commissioned a video/ doc on the role of the Orange Farm CWP in preventing violence. It provides a sense of what we have done before… it could be good to have project staff outlining what the project was about, key messages that have emerged from the project, and to weave these in with
Sources of information
The video will be able to draw on the following, existing sources of info:
- Research products (Regional report, country case studies, briefs)
- Previous webinar recordings
- Regional hybrid event recordings
- Interviews with CSVR and CHRIPS project staff
- For CWP case study (Diepsloot and/or Alex)
o Interview with some non-CWP and CWP youth; key informants
Board: Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu (Patron), Tefo Raditapole (Chairperson), Nomfundo Mogapi (Executive Director), Nontsikelelo Sisulu-
Singapi, Nokukhanya Ntuli, Prudence Malefu Madlokazi, S’mangele Mayisela
o Video of some the interventions? (Remember ethics)
- R100,000
- Send call for proposals and quotes out by 08 June 2022
- Service provider proposals/ quotes to be received by 22nd June 2022
- Service provider selected by the end of June 2022
- Service provider to begin work from 01 July 2022
- Have inception/ refinement meeting in early July 2022
- First draft of video due by 05 August 2022
- Second draft of video due by 12 August 2022
- Final video due by 19th August 2022
- Clarify expectations, examples
o Drafting and signing off on plan
o Allowing up to two drafts of the video production
o Payment plans 30-40-30 covering the contract sign-off, second draft and the finalised product
- Ethical requirements of the production company:
o Ethics: As with other CSVR research, participants need to be fully informed about what the documentary is about and how it might be used. If the documentary touches on sensitive issues, we should get written consent. (If we film a workshop, everybody in the room who is captured on film needs to be included in this process.) The production company’s responsibilities for this should be clearly spelled out in the contract (see above).
▪ Acknowledgements: Make sure that donors are appropriately acknowledged in the credits as well as the participants and partners.
▪ Ensure subtitles for all non-English dialogue. Consider subtitles even for English dialogue if product is for international audience
- Securing image, video, and audio rights for anything used in video
- Rights of final product (CSVR ownership)
- Format of final product; e.g. digital and via USB
Board: Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu (Patron), Tefo Raditapole (Chairperson), Nomfundo Mogapi (Executive Director), Nontsikelelo Sisulu-
Singapi, Nokukhanya Ntuli, Prudence Malefu Madlokazi, S’mangele Mayisela
- Stills from documentary, for social media and other advertising purposes

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June 8, 2022
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