Lesson Drawing: Northern Ireland and South Africa

Lesson Drawing: Northern Ireland and South Africa

This paper provides a cursory assessment of lesson drawing during the negotiated transitions in Northern Ireland and South Africa. In Northern Ireland the focus is on the Independent Review of Policing and Victim Policy. In South Africa, the focus is on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Committee on Reparation and Rehabilitation of Victims, as well as the National Crime Prevention Strategy (NCPS).


Helen Brocklehurst
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Helen Brocklehurst is a Research Officer at INCORE.

Noel Stott
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Noel Stott is a former CSVR Researcher and Senior Researcher at VERTIC. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Psychology and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Bibl (Hons) HDLIS FDLIS from the University of Cape Town.

Brandon Hamber
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Brandon Hamber is a former CSVR Programme Manager. He holds a PhD Psychology from The University of Ulster and BA (Hons) MA (Clin. Psych) Ph.D. Clinical Psychology from The University of the Witwatersrand.


Gillian Robinson
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Gillian Robinson is the Research Director at INCORE

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