Pervasive Violence Reflects Widespread Insecurity About Status

In his Nelson Mandela memorial lecture on 29 July, President Thabo Mbeki expressed concern about an acquisitive spirit which has taken root amongst South Africans. Mbeki talked of a situation where 'personal wealth, and the ...

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Crime Statistics: Hidden by the Long Veil of the Law

Since 2001 official policy has been that crime statistics will only be released with the publication of the South African Police Service annual report in September. This means that the most current crime statistics in ...

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South Africa May Be Complicit in Torture and 'Disappearance'

The debate around the deportation and whereabouts of Khalid Rashid has ignored an important issue. South African authorities may be complicit in the torture of those suspected of involvement in terrorist activities. South Africa has ...

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Truth and Reconciliation: Lessons from the South African context

I have been asked to address you today on South Africa's experiences with its Truth and Reconciliation Commission and to share, from the perspective of South African civil society, some of the lessons learned which ...

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Celebrating Two Decades of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights

The African Charter of Human and Peoples' Rights came into force in 1986, making 2006 the 20th year of its existence. As African heads of state prepare to meet in Banjul, The Gambia for the ...

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Helping the Police to Police Themselves

SAPS National Commissioner Jackie Selebi, is known for making off the cuff remarks. It is therefore not clear what should be made of Selebi's remarks, to the select committee on security last week, where he ...

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When Spies Start to Take Sides

The suspension of three top National Intelligence Agency officials last week highlights the disturbing prospect of South African security agencies being drawn in to the conflict within the tripartite alliance about the prosecution of former ...

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Creating the Police That We Want

The South African Police Service (SAPS) fell under the spotlight again recently with the release of the national crime statistics. Some responses to the latest statistics were quite positive focusing on the overall decline in ...

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Telling Us What Counts in Rape Statistics

Last year, when the rape statistics went down, this was offered as proof of the police's success in preventing rape. This year, when the statistics went up ("Change is fear". September 23), the increase was ...

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