Whose Heritage Are We Celebrating Anyway?

As the 24th of September draws closer, many of us lament the fact that this year, the last holiday in the year, until the December festivities that is, falls on a Saturday, and sadly not ...

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Zuma Saga and the Rule of Law: Justice Must Be Seen to Be Trusted

Last week's meeting of the African National Congress executive committee, including the commitment by President Thabo Mbeki and ANC Deputy President Jacob Zuma to work together, may provide a way forward for the tripartite alliance ...

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Fear and Loathing in the Media: Dealing with Racism

In August 2000, a group of journalists and editors at a national newspaper sat around a conference table during a regular editorial meeting. The subject of discussion was the South African Human Rights Commission's recently ...

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Ups and Downs for Sudan

Richard Smith – who serves on the ACTION Steering Committee member and is active in the Peace and Development Platform (PAD) - was in Sudan at the same time as Garang to assist in facilitating ...

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The Establishment of the South African Disappearance Task Team, the Roots for a Regional Network?

The workshop organised by Linking Solidarity in 2003 in order to explore the possibilities for an African network stimulated the Southern African organisations in getting together to see if they could work together more and ...

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Debating Change: Having More Women in Parliament Doesn't Necessarily Mean That More Importance Is Being Placed on Women's Needs

Early proponents of democracy firmly believed that women, like lunatics, servants, slaves and children needed neither the vote nor representation on governance structures. Not only were they convinced that women's interests could be safely subsumed ...

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In Search of the "Disappeared": Taking the Campaign to Africa

Imagine your loved one simply "disappeared". You approach the local authorities and are met with blank stares. Years later you are still searching, wondering what happened to them or whether they are still alive. "Disappearances" ...

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Once More to the Barricades

This week's anniversary of June 16th 1976 is an appropriate time at which to reflect on questions of the state response to the recent wave of protests.The brutal police response to the 1976 demonstrations set ...

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Fear, Terror and the Spoils of Power: Youth Militias in Zimbabwe

It is when fear becomes part of the social fabric of society that the spoils of abused power become most lucrative. Amidst reports of decreased levels of physical violence in the run up to the ...

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