It's Time Teenage Rape Is Recognised

The "in-between" space adolescent girls have in South African society places them in a uniquely vulnerable position. Possessing neither the innocent appeal of children nor the life experience of adults, they frequently fall between the ...

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Ultimately, Society Must Protect Women

"God made men and women equal and Smith and Wesson makes damn sure it stays that way". A clear warning - even a call to arms - this slogan appeared on posters pasted up in ...

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Even 'Legal' Guns Need to Be Scrutinised

Last week Solomon Mhlongo was sentenced to an effective 23 years in prison for the murder of his common-law wife Elizabeth and five-year old daughter Tlaleng. Two years earlier he emptied a magazine of bullets ...

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The 'Law is an Ass,' Judge Willis

The opinions Judge Willis expressed in the case of Beverly Whitehead versus Woolworths have earned him column inches of notoriety. But his judicial musings on the proper place and nature of women are not new; ...

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Heavy Hand of the Law

Since the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) started operating three years ago in April 1997 over 2100 people have died as a result of police action or in police custody. Despite the high number of these ...

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Law Needs to Be More than Symbolic

A draft bill that will allow any survivor of a reported rape to apply to have the rape suspect(s) tested for HIV/Aids is under discussion. Not only might this enable women to obtain some peace ...

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The Economics of Domestic Violence

South Africa does not yet understand much about the relationship between poverty and crime. About the closest we ever come is the 'poverty-and-violence-causes-crime' thesis. However, this explanation not only libels the poor and unemployed generally, ...

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There's a Sting in This Evolutionary Tale

Recent news reports have highlighted research around rape by sociobiologists Randy Thornhill and Craig Palmer. Their claim about the cause of rape is controversial indeed.Essentially, they state that rape is a behaviour evolved by unsuccessful ...

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Rape Statistics Are Not a Closed Subject

Nineteen ninety-nine was the year we discovered that a rape in South Africa doesn't occur every 17 seconds, every 23 seconds, every 25 seconds or even every 83 seconds, casting doubt on the claim that ...

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