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South Africa at 30: Navigating the legacy of policy versus lived realities

After three decades of democracy, South Africa stands at a crossroads grappling with the interplay between policy aspirations and lived realities of the majority of the black population. The country boasts one of the most progressive constitutions globally because it is based on equality, freedom and justice. Yet the lived...

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Transformative Transitional Justice: How Old Tools Could Open New Avenues for Climate Justice

April 2024 was the eleventh consecutive month to break heat records. With that news, the world is faced with the reality that global surface temperatures have already surpassed, even if temporarily, 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels – the benchmark agreed on in the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Yet, the international climate...

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Achieving Gender Equality in South Africa is dependent on women's economic empowerment and financial freedom

Gender equality is contingent on women's economic development and financial independence. On 8 March, we celebrated International Women's Day, Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress. And progress needs to be accelerated because women's achievements are still celebrated as firsts, instead of the norm. International Women's Day is a celebration of women's...

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CSVR is a multi-disciplinary institute that seeks to understand and prevent violence, heal its effects and build sustainable peace at the community, national and regional levels. Our weekly highlights aim to showcase the impactful endeavours undertaken by our program teams, providing regular updates on their initiatives.

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