Minority Report: The Imprisonment of Women and Girls in Gauteng

Minority Report: The Imprisonment of Women and Girls in Gauteng

This research brief makes Gauteng's women prisoners its focus, describing who they are and setting out findings about the conditions and circumstances of their imprisonment. It emphasizes three aspects of imprisonment that particularly concerned the women we interviewed: contact with children and family; health and wellbeing; and opportunities for further education and reintegration into society.


Sadiyya Haffejee
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Sadiyya Haffejee is a former CSVR researcher and trainer. She holds a PhD in Psychology from the North-West University.

Lisa Vetten
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Lisa Vetten is the former manager of the Gender Programme at the Centre for the study of Violence and Reconciliation. In 2013 she obtained a Master of Arts degree in Political Studies (cum laude) from the University of the Witwatersrand. Her dissertation was entitled 'Deserving and undeserving women: A case study of South African policy and legislation addressing domestic violence.

Mike Greyling
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Mike Greyling is a senior consultant and partner at DMSA. He has consulted for numerous organizations, over a broad range of issues. He obtained his BA Honours Psychology and MSc Stats from the University of Witwatersrand.


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