Municipal Policing in South Africa: Development and Challenges

Municipal Policing in South Africa: Development and Challenges

The following document is a monograph that aims to clarify the functions of a municipal police service and the challenges they are likely to face in fulfilling these. The monograph is based on research carried out independently by the authors over a period of several years. It provides an up to-date picture of developments in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, as well as the complex, lengthy and costly process required for establishing a municipal police service.


Janine Rauch
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Janine Rauch, an independent consultant, is the former Director of a technical advisory facility designed to Strengthen the Uganda Government's Anti-Corruption Response (SUGAR). She obtained her MPhil Criminology from Cambridge University and Post Graduate Diploma Monitoring & Evaluation Methods Monitoring & Evaluation Methods from Stellenbosch University.

Mark Shaw
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Mark Shaw is the Director of Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime. He obtained his PhD in Conflict Resolution Africa from The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

Antoinette Louw
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Antoinette Louw is the Head of Communication at Institute for Security Studies. She obtained a MA Politics from the University of Cape Town and University of KwaZulu Natal.

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