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csvr logo low res

The CSVR logo is symbolic of an 'umqomboti' pot – a traditional African pot used in many African cultures. The 'umqomboti' pot is a communal pot passed around for all to drink from. Once one has sipped from the communal pot, she must offer it to someone else in a courteous manner. This pot of traditional brew is always present at important ceremonies.  It is also present during negotiations, and for solidifying agreements between neighbouring tribes.This communal sharing, together with the pot's relevance to community (Ubuntu), respect, and compromise are the reasons it has been chosen to symbolise the CSVR – for these are all the qualities needed to resolve conflict and heal the wounds of the past.

Symbolically, the logo can be seen as a circle that is almost fully formed. Through building peace and reconciliation, the CSVR aims to complete this circle, and in so doing, create the peace and unity reflected in the symbolism of a circle.

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