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The Marikana Massacre: Repair and Corporate Accountability 10 Years On

The report provides a brief description of the events in Marikana against the backdrop of the history of mining in apartheid South Africa and the subsequent transition to democracy. It unpacks the various initiatives undertaken ...

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Corporate Accountability and Transitional Justice in Africa Webinar

During transitions to peace and democracy across various African countries, measures have been introduced to hold perpetrators accountable and provide reparations to victims. Corporate accountability and redress for corporate victims have however been a missing ...

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Sudan MHPSS Referral Network List

Below is a list of organisations where individuals may access mental health and trauma-related support services in Sudan.المنظمة العنوان١- بيت الفنار الخرطوم ٢ شارع كترينا / شرق حديقة القرشي٢- مركز سيما الخرطوم .٣- مركز الاحفاد للصدمة(التروما) الخرطوم -امدرمان جامعة الاحفاد.شارع العرضة٤- المبادرة الاستراتيجية ...

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Reparations and Memory for the Marikana Massacre after 10 Years

Ten years have passed since the Marikana Massacre on 16 August 2022. Yet we are still not close to securing full reparations for victims. The process of civil claims, prosecutions, and support services has been ...

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Reparations for Victims of the Marikana Masssacre

This policy brief presents a summary assessment of the progress made in providing redress for victims of the Marikana Massacre,1 when 34 striking miners were killed by the South African Police Service (SAPS) in 2012 ...

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Ramaphosa Must Tell G7 — You've Supported Victims of Ukraine War, Now Support Those in Africa

Just as G7 hosts, Germany, and its European counterparts benefited from Marshall Plan investment after the second world war, the richest countries must now support global recovery by investing in four key areas.When President of ...

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