The Centre for Studies of Violence and Reconciliation’s community intervention is a dynamic area which engages directly with those affected by violence and conflict.  The need to engage directly with those affected by violence and conflict is one of CSVR’s strategic focus areas.  Engaging directly with victims of conflict and violence is considered critical as it gives them their dignity and voice back.  The community intervention operates in a dynamic environment in which each community is unique even though they may be affected by similar types of violence.   It is for this reason that the CSVR approaches each community differently and appropriately, as well as ensure a strong community involvement process that can result in a resilient community that is less violence.

Focus Areas

  • Torture;
  • State violence;
  • Gender Based Violence;
  • Youth violence;
  • Collective violence; and

The CSVR’s approach to the community intervention is grounded on research and innovation, is evidence-based, and is informed by our theory of change.  Our theory of change is based on the idea of partnering with communities in order to address the root causes of violence and respond to its consequences.  Partnership with communities allow for them to provide resources based in the community and therefore implement programmes that are sustainable.  Our role is facilitating, supporting and providing a platform for the community to address violence.  Change agents, in the form of Action Groups or Psycho-social supporters, are identified by the communities and trained to implement and sustain the intervention.

Project’s Objectives

  • Increasing access to rehabilitation services to victims of torture;
  • Strengthening communities’ ability to provide support and care to victims of torture,
  • Strengthening communities’ ability to respond to the consequences of violence
  • Developing and testing contextual rehabilitation models for family and community work,
  • Facilitating the generation and dissemination of knowledge for community based approaches towards preventing violence and responding to  its consequences

Community-Led Intervention to Counter Authority-Based Urban Violence (ABUV) in South Africa

The aims are to develop best practise strategies for mobilising and empowering groups at risk, communities and other stakeholders to counter (ABUV) in South African communities.  The project seeks to build urban and peri-urban communities that promote resilience and recovery for victims of authority based urban violence and torture, as well as improve communities’ understanding and responses to the causes of ABUV and torture.

Anti- torture interventions

  • Outreach;
  • Psycho-education;
  • Emotional support; and
  • Counselling.
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