Psychology and the Community: Issues to Consider in a Changing South Africa

Psychology and the Community: Issues to Consider in a Changing South Africa

This paper examines the structural and social base of mainstream psychology and argues that rather than abandon it, a process of professional introspection and structural modification is required. The development of "community" or "culture-specific" practice is criticised, as is the need to be apologetic for professional expertise. Instead, issues of accountability and relevance are addressed and recommendations are made regarding the future of South African psychology.


Psychology and the Community
Lloyd Vogelman
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Lloyd Vogelman is a founder and former Director of the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation. Vogelman is a recognised global expert in the realm of Complex Selling, Advisory & Stakeholder Management capabilities. He also developed the Corteks Complex Selling and Advisory Methodology. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Psychology Faculty of Science from the University of London.

Adrian Perkel
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Adrian Perkel is a psychologist with a PhD (Clin. Psych.). He specialises in individual adult psychotherapy

Anna Strebel
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Anna Strebel is a freelance researcher.

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