In 2010, the “Advocating Justice” workshop brought together Africa-based practitioners and scholars to share experiences and evaluate African civil society’s advocacy for transitional justice on the continent. Discussing case studies from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and Liberia, the participants highlighted the central role local organisations play in shaping transitional justice agendas in Africa. The workshop was hosted by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation on behalf of the African Transitional Justice Research Network.


The workshop discussions are summarised in the report, Advocating Justice: Civil Society and Transitional Justice in Africa.


Case studies:

Sierra Leone: A Long and Difficult Journey to Reconciliation - The Role of Civil Society, by John Caulker, Fambul Tok International

Liberia Case Study, by Ezekiel Pajibo, Independent Researcher

Centring Women’s Rights in Transitional Justice Processes in Northern Uganda: FIDA-Uganda’s Experience, by Kihika Sarah Kasande, FIDA-Uganda

The Coalition for Reconciliation in Uganda: Important Lessons for Proactive Civil Society Engagement in Catalysing Transitional Justice Discourse, by Stephen Oola, Advocate

Kenya Case Study, by Njonjo Mue, International Center for Transitional Justice, Kenya

Reparations Advocacy: The Case of Khulumani Support Group, by Shirley Gunn, Human Rights Media Centre

The Unfinished Business - The Case of Victims’ Unrelenting Search for Justice in Kenya, by Wachira Waheire, National Victims Network, and Davis Malombe, Kenya Human Rights Commission

Justice and Reconciliation in Rwanda: What Role for Civil Society?, by Edem Comlan, Penal Reform International, Great Lakes (Rwanda)

Advocacy for the Adoption of Transitional Justice Mechanisms in the Democratic Republic of Congo, by Dieudonne Diku Mpongola, Congolese Coalition for Transitional Justice

Reparations and the African Commission: Experiences from Zimbabwe, by Roselyn Hanzi, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

Advocating for the Adoption of a Holistic Transitional Justice Policy at the African Union, by George Mukundi Wachira, Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation.


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