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Perspectives des Jeunes Sur le Genre et les Masculinités Au Burundi, en Rdc, au Mali et au Soudan du Sud : Promouvoir des Politiques de Justice Transitionnelle Efficaces en Afrique

La Politique de justice transitionnelle de l'Union africaine (PJTUA), adoptée par les chefs d'État et de gouvernement de l'Union africaine en février 2019, appelle à la mise en place de mécanismes de justice transitionnelle (JT) qui non seulement rendent justice, mais contribuent également à la transformation des préjugés fondamentaux liés...

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Rôle De La Santé Mentale Et Le Soutien Psychosocial (SMSPS) Dans Les Processus De Justice Transitionnelle : Points De Vue De La Jeunesse Africaine au Burundi, an RDC, au Mali et au Soudan du Sud

Les guerres, conflits et crises donnant lieu à des crimes internationaux et à des violations flagrantes des droits humains n'épargnent jamais les individus, les communautés et les sociétés. La déshumanisation associée aux tragédies du passé et aux conflits actuels que connaît l'Afrique, avec leur lot de violations flagrantes des droits...

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Youth perspectives on gender and masculinities in Burundi, the DRC, Mali and South Sudan – Promoting effective TJ policies in Africa

The African Union's Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP), adopted by the AU Heads of State and Government in February 2019, calls for transitional justice (TJ) mechanisms that not only deliver justice, but also transform fundamental gender biases in societies. Whereas gender considerations are a staple of most TJ discussions on the...

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The role of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in transitional justice – Perspectives from African youth in DRC, Mali, Burundi and South Sudan

Wars, conflicts and crises giving rise to international crimes and gross human rights violations never leave individuals, communities and societies untouched. The dehumanisation associated with Africa's brutal past and current conflicts, with their attendant gross human rights violations, often leaves individual and collective trauma in their wake. Such traumas tend...

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Lived realities: Empowerment gaps and opportunities for women living in rural communities in South Africa

The research sought to explore the challenges and empowerment gaps women face in rural communities in South Africa and to make recommendations for improving their quality of life. Specifically, the study had the following objectives: • Identify the main challenges women face in rural communities and how these can be...

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This guidebook is a product of the Victim-Centered Approach to Transitional Justice project implemented by the Global Initiative for Justice, Truth, and Reconciliation (GIJTR). The project was designed to aid civil society actors who work directly with victims in transitional justice contexts by providing training to further their current skills...

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In the face of the unrelenting climate change crisis, environmental destruction, crimes, and abuse that amount to ecocide, the quest for an ecologically just existence has become more urgent in Africa, a continent long ravaged by conflict. The undeniable vulnerability of the human condition, ecosystems, and their biodiversity invites us...

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Engaging Forcibly Displaced Communities in Transitional Justice Processes: A Guidebook for Practitioners

Collaboratively written with Fantanka (the Gambia), The Day After (Syria), the Consultancy for Human Rights and Displacement (Colombia) and SOS Sahel Sudan (Sudan), this guidebook for practitioners addresses the global phenomenon of forced migration and seeks to outline how the voices of asylum seekers, refugees and internally displaced people can...

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