The Unofficial War in Natal: Pietermaritzburg Under the Knife

This paper reflects on David Philips' book An Unofficial War,1990, which was written in an attempt to expose the extent and the impact of the war – to lift a corner of the carpet under ...

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Reducing Violence in South Africa: The Contribution Business Can Make

This paper focuses on what business can do to both reduce violence and limit the psychological devastation that results from it.

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Psychology, Mental Health Care and the Future: Is Appropriate Transformation in a Future South Africa Possible?

The last few years of South African psychology have seen increasing debate about the link between psychology, politics and apartheid. The debate has primarily revolved around whether one can practice psychology and avoid politics. The ...

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Violent Crime: Rape

The author notes that developing an understanding of a rapist is central to the formulation of a science of rape. By accomplishing the latter, better preventive measures can be devised so as to significantly limit ...

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Violence and the Law: An Examination of Some Recent Trials

This paper attempts to analyse the kinds of responses by unions, community organisations, lawyers, and academics to the phenomenon of group violence which occurs in response to state violence in South Africa.

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Murder on the Mines: Who Is Guilty?

"It is very sad that today I am being sentenced for something which I did not do with my own hands. I have no-one's blood on my hands. That is all." These were the words ...

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The Psychology of Torture

This paper looks to define torture and those that experience it. It emphasizes that torture destroys the voice of the victim, while censorship destroys the voice of those who might speak on her behalf. Torture ...

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