Race and Reconciliation in a Post-TRC South Africa

Race and Reconciliation in a Post-TRC South Africa

The following paper evaluates the contribution of the South African TRC to current understandings of history, identity, and reconciliation. The argument presented here is that the TRC, in its determined pursuit of a particular kind of reconciliation, was ironically silent on the issue of race – ironic given that it was functioning in the context of a country whose entire political and economic system was premised on the organisational principle of race. The impact of this silence is evidenced in the nature of the reconciliation it has achieved today.


Nahla Valji
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Nahla Valji is a former CSVR Senior Project Manager for the African Transitional justice program. She currently holds the position of Senior Gender Advisor to the Executive Office of Secretary general for the UN. She holds a MA/ Joint Diploma International Relations / Diploma Forced Migration Studies from the York University, BA Political Science from Keele University and BA Political Science/ International Relations
The University of British Columbia.

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