Racism, Self-Esteem and Violence in SA: Gaps in the NCPS' Explanation?

Racism, Self-Esteem and Violence in SA: Gaps in the NCPS' Explanation?

Ten years after the launch of the National Crime Prevention Strategy (NCPS), South Africa is still bedevilled by high levels of violence. Given this situation, it is worth reflecting on the NCPS' analysis of the causes of crime and violence. In particular it seems the Strategy may have failed to recognise the important role that internalised racism, and related low self-esteem and concerns about status, would play in contributing to violence. These issues are discussed here in relation to the high level of interpersonal assaults in South Africa.


David Bruce
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David Bruce is a Johannesburg-based independent researcher and writer working in the fields of policing, crime and criminal justice. He obtained his Master's Degree Public and Development Management and Bachelor's Degree Bachelor of Arts with majors in Legal Theory and Industrial Sociology from The University of the Witwatersrand.



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