Rehabilitation and Reintegration in African Prisons

Rehabilitation and Reintegration in African Prisons

The following extract outlines rehabilitation and reintegration in African prisons, the efforts being made and the success rate based on those efforts. Provided is a clearly defined description of the concept of rehabilitation and reintegration as well as the different facets that go along with it. The extract looks to touch on the instruments such as the Kampala declaration on prison conditions, legislation and policy, the role of educational programmes, psychological support as well as the role of civil society to work in tandem with offenders.


Amanda Dissel
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Amanda Dissel is an independent consultant in criminal justice and violence prevention issues. This research was conducted while she was Criminal Justice Programme Manager at the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR). She has published on issues of human rights, conditions and treatment of detainees in prisons and police stations, juvenile and child justice, and violent crime.

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