Restoring the Social Fabric

Restoring the Social Fabric

This is a shortened version of a paper given by Wandile Zwane at a workshop held in Washington, DC, on CSVR's work in schools. The CSVR's Children and Violence Intervention Programme (CVIP) began in 1994 as a pilot project in four schools in Soweto. In addition, a teacher training programme called the "40 Schools Project," which services both primary and high schools, was initiated in 1996. The primary aim of the project was to reach children and to provide a service that would help to decrease the negative impact of violence. Since its inception, it has grown to include caregivers such as teachers, parents and extended family members.


Restoring the Social Fabric
Wandile Zwane
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Wandile Zwane is a former CSVR project manager. He's a development specialist with both government and civil society experience at technical and management level. He holds a Master of Arts in international child welfare, social work.

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