Subliminal Terror? Human Rights Violations and Torture in Zimbabwe during 2008

Subliminal Terror? Human Rights Violations and Torture in Zimbabwe during 2008

The following monograph by Tony Reeler looked to establish the existence of systematic torture, and demonstrate its widespread application in Zimbabwe. It is integral to recognize the existence of systematic and widespread torture, for, whilst any clear case of torture will demonstrate that the Convention Against Torture has been violated, it is necessary to show that torture has taken place on a widespread or systematic scale to bring these crimes within the purview of the Rome Statute as crimes against humanity.  Thus, this monograph will focus upon two related issues, with particular emphasis on 2008. Firstly, can it be established that there are credible reports of torture and other gross human rights violations, and, secondly, are these reports widespread and systematic?


Tony Reeler
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Mr. Reeler is a Senior Researcher and formerly the Director at the Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU), an independent research and advocacy institution specializing in human rights, transitional justice and governance issues in Harare, Zimbabwe. He obtained an LLB from the then University College of Rhodesia, a BA in Psychology from the University of Exeter and a MSc in Clinical Psychology from the University of Leeds. He has published extensively in the fields of mental health, trauma, human rights and governance.

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