New Book – Transitional Justice: Theories, Mechanisms and Debates

The book presents the broad scope of transitional justice studies through a focus on the theory, mechanisms and debates in the area, covering such topics as:The origin, context and development of transitional justice Victims, ...

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The Status of Amnesty Provisions in Situations of Transition Under the African Charter

This policy paper presents a review of the analysis of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the legal validity of amnesty provisions under the African Charter. It examines how the obiter dictum ...

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Nigeria: The Colonial Legacy and Transitional Justice

This report provides an overview of the legacies of colonisation and demonstrates its impact on transitional justice in Nigeria. It argues that the current injustices in Nigeria are strongly connected to the country’s colonial history. ...

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Press Release: SACTJ Urges Further Efforts to Engage Victims of Pardon Applicants

The Department of Justice yesterday published the names of 149 convicted persons who have been recommended for a presidential pardon in terms of the Special Dispensation created by former President Mbeki in 2007.  The crimes ...

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Albutt v. Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation and Others

This case concerns the power of the President to grant pardon under section 84(2)(j) of the Constitution to people who claim that they were convicted of offences which they committed with a political motive. Section ...

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Court Clears Way for Prosecution of Cases from Apartheid Era in South Africa

A court decision today confirming the obligation of prosecutors in South Africa to investigate cases from the apartheid era, especially those involving persons who have been denied amnesty, will help guarantee justice for victims, the ...

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