Correctional Services

Sentenced Twice Over

Five years after the demise of apartheid, Vincent, a young, fresh-faced man arrived in remand detention in a Western Cape facility.Vincent had never been to prison before, and when he arrived he was thrown into ...

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Analysis of Existing Data on Torture in South Africa with Specific Focus on Annual Reports Published by IPID and JICS

Currently, there is little information on patterns and trends of torture in South Africa. This research report seeks to fill this gap, analysing annual reports released by two government oversight bodies, namely, the Judicial Inspectorate ...

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Let's End it Now: Stopping Sexual Violence in Correctional Centres (A Resource for Staff)

This booklet discusses sexual violence in South African correctional centres. It focuses on how to support victims of rape, and on how to prevent inmates from becoming victims in the first place. While this booklet ...

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Imprisoning Men in Violence: Masculinity and Sexual Abuse (A View from South African Prisons)

This article explores sexual violence in male prisons in South Africa. It focuses on the social meanings and identities that surround sexual violence, particularly the ideas of manhood that shape both the perpetration of sexual ...

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Recommendations for the Promotion of the Sexual Health, Sexual Rights, Safety and Dignity of Prisoners

Existing regulations are out of kilter with the White Paper on Corrections in South Africa (2005) and new sexual offences legislation. These need rigorous engagement and revising so as to promote a culture of sexual ...

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Submission to the Portfolio Committee on Correctional Services: Prison Labour

This is a submission to the department of correctional services by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) regarding the issue of prison labour. The submission gives a brief history of the ...

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