Crime Prevention

The 1996 National Crime Prevention Strategy

As a response to President Mandela's address at opening of Parliament in 17 Feb 1995, which raised concerns about crime, a National Crime Prevention Strategy was developed in early February 1995. This paper takes a ...

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Lesson Drawing: Northern Ireland and South Africa

This paper provides a cursory assessment of lesson drawing during the negotiated transitions in Northern Ireland and South Africa. In Northern Ireland the focus is on the Independent Review of Policing and Victim Policy. In ...

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Social Crime Prevention in South Africa's Major Cities

This report examines social crime prevention activities in South Africa's four major cities during 2000, and locates these activities within an analysis of the progress that has been made in terms of the social crime ...

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An Analysis of Safety and Security in the Greater Pretoria Metropolitan Area

This report is one of four reports making up the second phase of the CSVR's City Safety project. The baseline report gave an introduction to the location and function of city safety structures in South ...

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Crime Trends in South Africa, 1985-1998

This document presents an analysis of crime trends in South Africa from 1985 to 1998. It is part of a review of the National Crime Prevention Strategy carried out for the Department of Safety and ...

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International and Regional Co-operation in Crime Prevention

Previously, various structures and processes existed to co-ordinate security initiatives at both the international and regional level. This review takes a look at the structures in place and considers some of the challenges facing them ...

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