Criminal Justice

Policing the Periphery: Police and Society in South Africa's 'Homelands'

This working paper attempts to account for the character of the police forces in the homelands. It also briefly sets out some of the issues to be addressed in the process of re-incorporating (re-integrating) the ...

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Violence: The Role of the Security Forces

This paper examines the role of the security forces in the violence that claimed the lives of 923 people in the first four months of 1992 and a staggering 12,867 people since September 1984.

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From Partisanship to Neutrality? Changing Perspectives on the Role of the SA Security Forces during Transition

In this paper the author traces some of the changes which occurred in the security establishment in 1990, tempers these with an examination of what has not changed, and investigates some of the processes which ...

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Profile of a Death Row Prisoner

This research project attempted to make a beginning at establishing whether structural violence did in fact play a significant part in the upbringing and experiences of those on Pretoria's death row. The project sought to ...

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Vigilantes: A Contemporary Form of Repression

This paper will seek to suggest that the operation of vigilante groups in South Africa's black areas since 1985 is an expression of the militarisation of South Africa, that the prevalence and operation of these ...

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