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It is a known fact that gender-based violence, especially rape and femicide often affects women the most in South Africa. South Africa was declared the rape capital of the world, beating countries that are experiencing active armed conflict. Although the names of victims are chanted and put up on billboards, the narrative of their experience is often blurred between the lines of the public's anger towards the unchanging state of insecurity for women in the country. On July 29, eight women were gang-raped in the Krugersdorp mine dumps during a music video shoot. The crime caught the attention of the…

Naledi Joyi
24 Oct 2022

About 40% of the 6 424 murders between April and June this year were gun-related, Police Minister Bheki Cele announced when he released crime statistics. Cele said it was shown that firearms were three times more likely than other weapons to be the weapon of choice in the reported murders, as 2 766 people were shot to death. "The expansion of illegal firearms and the damage and destruction they can cause, is well documented. These crime statistics should be used as a management tool to guide the operational plans to deal with, amongst other crimes, the proliferation of firearms. "Police…

30 Aug 2022

The intersections of substance abuse and sexual and gender-based violence demonstrate the need for collaborative interventions.  South Africa has a daunting drug problem. Post-1994, the proliferation of drugs on the country's streets has triggered a myriad of issues associated with substance abuse. Drugs such as nyaope and tik are accessible and affordable even for unemployed youth in townships with the drugs priced between R30 and R50. The work that the Centre of Study of Violence and Reconciliation has done shows that these drugs have not only caused far-reaching impacts on addiction but have also fueled a great intersection of violence, such as…

21 Jun 2022

Five years after the demise of apartheid, Vincent, a young, fresh-faced man arrived in remand detention in a Western Cape facility.Vincent had never been to prison before, and when he arrived he was thrown into an overcrowded cell that held first-time inmates and long-standing gang members. He was scared to death and, sadly, his fears were confirmed: on his first night, he was raped – by two different inmates.

12 Jul 2016

In line with its commitment to incorporating learning into its monitoring and evaluation practices, in 2013 CSVR introduced developmental evaluation based on facilitated learning exercises into one of its research projects. The Urban Violence project aimed to increase understanding of the role of the Community Work Programme (CWP), a South African public employment initiative, in reducing crime and violence, as well as to promote this role through evidence-based interventions and advocacy with community, government and other stakeholders. As the research involved engagement with diverse stakeholders at community, provincial and national level, in addition to being implemented by a team of…

Jasmina Brankovic
06 May 2016

This paper examines the intersection of physical violence, structural violence, and masculinity through the life history narrative of a 20-year-old man exiting an informal gang in Gugulethu, a township in Cape Town. Beginning and remaining with James Madoda's narrative, the paper shows how the gendered physical violence between young men in townships emerges from historical and present-day structural violence – here defined as institutionalised power inequalities that limit life opportunities – and argues that structural violence needs to be discussed and addressed as a policy issue in South Africa. It also suggests that structural violence may provide a platform for…

Jasmina Brankovic
27 Feb 2013
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