The Nexus Between Substance Abuse and Sexual Violence in SA

The intersections of substance abuse and sexual and gender-based violence demonstrate the need for collaborative interventions. South Africa has a daunting drug problem. Post-1994, the proliferation of drugs on the country’s streets has triggered a myriad ...

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Sentenced Twice Over

Five years after the demise of apartheid, Vincent, a young, fresh-faced man arrived in remand detention in a Western Cape facility.Vincent had never been to prison before, and when he arrived he was thrown into ...

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Integrating Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation into Policy-Oriented Research: Lessons from CSVR's Urban Violence Project

In line with its commitment to incorporating learning into its monitoring and evaluation practices, in 2013 CSVR introduced developmental evaluation based on facilitated learning exercises into one of its research projects. The Urban Violence project ...

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Leaving the Gangster Things to the Boys Growing Up Now: Young Men, Physical Violence, and Structural Violence in Post-Transition South Africa

This paper examines the intersection of physical violence, structural violence, and masculinity through the life history narrative of a 20-year-old man exiting an informal gang in Gugulethu, a township in Cape Town. Beginning and remaining ...

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More than Gangsterism, Structural Violence Is the Issue

Announcing that President Zuma would not deploy the army to intervene in Cape Flats gang wars, his spokesman Mac Maharaj noted that the president “has directed ministers in the social and economic sectors to study ...

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Nongoloza's Children: Western Cape Prison Gangs During and After Apartheid

The subsequent monograph is an attempt at understanding the substance of South African prison life and the strange narratives and rituals of prison gangs. It is by no means a comprehensive history of prison gangs ...

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