Gender-based Violence

A Scoping Study of CSVR's Work with Gender and Gender-Based Violence

This report highlights CSVR’s work with gender and gender-based violence (GBV). It briefly highlights international best practices in terms of GBV prevention as well as CSVR research, advocacy, clinical, community and organisational interventions related to ...

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African Truth Commissions and Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

Within the international development and human rights communities, awareness of the use of conflict-related sexual violence (CRSV) as a tool of war has grown significantly over the past two decades. Truth commission have emerged as ...

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Shift in Strategy Needed to Tackle GBV

Covid-19 has caused devastation in communities, and this has disproportionately affected women. This impact on women, particularly their economic status and vulnerability to violence, has been brought home by the release in the last week ...

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Double Burden: Covid-19 Has Made the Load Women Carry Even Heavier than Before

Even before the pandemic, women carried an unequal burden of social, cultural and economic ills. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this, with the effects of lockdown disproportionately affecting women, write Charlotte Motsoari and Amina Mwaikambo ...

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Curbing a Violent Trend: Declining GBV Statistics Hold Little Joy for Those Locked Down with Their Abusers

On paper, the decline in reported gender-based violence (GBV) crimes looks like good news. The reality on the ground is very different: many women remain locked down with their abusers during the Covid-19 pandemic, unable ...

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GBV in Light of COVID-19: Can We Rid SA of Both?

One confirmed case of Covid-19 is one too many; one confirmed case of gender-based violence is one too many. Can we simultaneously rid the country of both pandemics?President Cyril Ramaphosa has dealt with the Covid-19 ...

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