Gun Violence

Black Man at Oscar Pistorius Trial in Absentia

This article explores the social representation of black masculinities as violent in the globally publicized case of the murder by Oscar Pistorius of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. This murder and the subsequent media interest it ...

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Are South Africans Responsible Firearm Owners? Evidence from 1,000 dockets

The research undertaken for this report asks the straightforward question: under what circumstances do licensed firearm owners lose their weapons to criminals? The report answers this question through an intensive analysis of over 1,100 dockets ...

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Even 'Legal' Guns Need to Be Scrutinised

Last week Solomon Mhlongo was sentenced to an effective 23 years in prison for the murder of his common-law wife Elizabeth and five-year old daughter Tlaleng. Two years earlier he emptied a magazine of bullets ...

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The Public, the Police and Australian Gun Policy

This paper considers some paradoxes in the current gun debate, focusing specifically on Australia. It tackles first the public and guns issue, and then the topic of police and guns. There are no clear answers, ...

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