An Overview of the Implementation of the SAPS Policy & Five Year (2000 -2005) Strategic Plan On HIV & AIDS: The Case of the Johannesburg Policing Area

The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) embarked on a  two-year project to understand the impact of HIV/AIDS in Johannesburg Policing Area in the Johannesburg Policing area in 2005 that has resulted ...

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Our Journey with HIV & AIDS

This booklet aims to discuss some of the challenges of HIV & AIDS that teenagers may face. It takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery, offering him/her a better understanding of himself/herself and his/her ...

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Child-Headed Households & Human Rights: A Capacity-Building Guide

This book is developed from the experiences that children orphaned by HIV & AIDS have shared with researchers, as well as the experiences of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Community Based Organisations (CBOs). This book ...

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Health and Hope in Our Hands

Health and Hope in our hands is an extremely valuable tool, providing very practical and valuable advice on how to address HIV and AIDS treatment, care and support in the aftermath of rape and in ...

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Violence, Vengeance and Gender: A Preliminary Investigation into the Links Between Violence Against Women and HIV/AIDS in South Africa

Following previous reports that illustrate how two of South Africa’s epidemics - violence against women and HIV/AIDS - may be converging in new and lethal ways. This report documents findings and argues that, to date ...

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