Memory and Memorialisation

Corporate Remedy And Accountability A Decade After The Marikana Massacre

Today, 16 August 2022, marks the 10th anniversary of one of the deadliest episodes of violence in South Africa since the end of the Apartheid in 1994: the Marikana Massacre. In the early days of ...

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Corporate Accountability and Transitional Justice in Africa Webinar

During transitions to peace and democracy across various African countries, measures have been introduced to hold perpetrators accountable and provide reparations to victims. Corporate accountability and redress for corporate victims have however been a missing ...

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Reparations and Memory for the Marikana Massacre after 10 Years

Ten years have passed since the Marikana Massacre on 16 August 2022. Yet we are still not close to securing full reparations for victims. The process of civil claims, prosecutions, and support services has been ...

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Policy Dialogue: The Role of Ex-Combatants in Memorialization Processes in South Africa

The following workshop report is based on a 15 November 2007 CSVR workshop that looked to examine the role ex-combatants play in memorialization processes in post-TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) South Africa. Several key stake-holders ...

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History on Their Own Terms: The Relevance of the Past

This report highlights the findings of research conducted with educators; learners; survivors; children and grandchildren of survivors; ex-combatants; and professionals working within the field of history, memory and memorialization. The report focuses on themes of ...

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The Ties That Bind: Strengthening the Links Between Memorialisation and Transitional Justice

The study is based on documentary and field research and discussions held at a working group hosted by CSVR. The research focused on the role of memorialisation in transitional justice, focusing on the case studies ...

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