Mental Health

Stresses in the South African Police Service

This paper seeks to identify some key areas which may give rise to stress in the police service.

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Psychology in a Future South Africa: The Need for a National Psychology Development Programme

This research was part of a continuing process aimed at developing the psychological profession into one which contributes meaningfully to the context in which it is situated, as well as into one which is taken ...

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Mental Health and Human Rights: In Search of Context, Consequence and Effective Care

This paper examines the concept of human rights in the area of mental health. It does this in four steps. Firstly, it provides a brief examination of the shift from institutionalisation to community care and the ...

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The Mad Mrs. Rochester Revisited: The Involuntary Confinement of the Mentally Ill in South Africa

The involuntary confinement of the mentally ill describes the legal process by which a person is imprisoned for an indeterminate period not because they have committed any criminal act but because they are allegedly ill. ...

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The Development of an Appropriate Psychology: The Work of the Organisation of Appropriate Social Services in South Africa

This paper seeks to address the question of what is an appropriate psychology in South Africa and the Organisation for Appropriate Social Services in South Africa (OASSSA) contribution to it. Work within OASSSA takes a ...

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