Migrants and Xenophobia

Traumatic Stress Update (volume 2, number 2)

This issue of the Traumatic Stress Update (TSU) highlights some achievements of the Trauma and Transition Programme (TTP) – a programme in the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR). The first article ...

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"Human Dignity Has No Nationality": A Situational Analysis of the Health Needs of Exiled Torture Survivors Living in Johannesburg, South Africa

This study explores the health needs and health seeking behaviours of tortured exiles (both asylum seekers and refugees) in South Africa in order to assist planners and service providers to offer accessible, high quality, specialist ...

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Towards Improving Forced Migrants' Access to Health and Psychosocial Rights in Urban South Africa

The policy dialogue “Towards improving forced migrants' access to health and psychosocial rights in urban South Africa” took place on the 30th of November 2011. The dialogue focused on a range of obstacles that migrants ...

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Towards Improving Forced Migrant Access to Health and Psychosocial Rights in Urban South Africa: A Focus on Johannesburg

This issue brief is a quick reference guide regarding urban forced migrant access to their legally guaranteed health and psychosocial rights in Johannesburg. This issue brief highlights that policies designed to protect the health and ...

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The Smoke That Calls: Insurgent Citizenship and the Struggle for a Place in the New South Africa

The origins of this research lay in the wave of xenophobic attacks which swept across South Africa in May 2008. The report looks at xenophobic violence and community protests together, drawing the links both empirically ...

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Xenophobia: Yet Another Threat to the Power of Myths

Violence in society is like a crack in a mirror. The crack distorts the image of us, and we become ambiguous. Un-unified. Like the mirror’s crack, violence destroys the fabric that unites people, thus eliminating ...

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