Migrants and Xenophobia

A Baseline Study to Determine Levels of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices in Relation to Reproductive Health Among Male and Female Refugees Aged Between 10 and 24 Years, Living in Gauteng Province, South Africa

In South Africa, education and awareness raising initiatives have previously been undertaken to address the reproductive health needs of a predominantly urban-based refugee population. As part of this national strategy, the Centre for the Study ...

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A Foreign Experience: Violence, Crime and Xenophobia During South Africa's Transition

This report examines the involvement of foreigners in violence during South Africa's period of transition. It grapples with the legal, political and social implications of foreigners in a changing social order. In so doing, the ...

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Three Talks on the Topic: 'What is Racism?'

The subsequent document is a collection of  papers presented at the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation Seminar July 2001. It describes racism and analyses the different facets relating to racism such as ...

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